Branding vs Marketing

What is Branding? Why Choose Gordon Branding Group?

Think of developing a brand to taking a road trip. Your brand would develop the desired destination, what direction you need to go in, strategies you want to take/implement to get there, and where to rest. The role of Gordon Branding Group is to implement: set goals, benchmarks, major milestones, the company’s approach, positioning, help you figure out who you are selling to, and why.

Gordon Branding Group was built on understanding and delivering all aspects of branding for our clients within one firm. Our goal is to understand your business needs, assess your current challenges and goals, and recognize where you are in the cycle of your business goals. Our brand development management and training programs were built to support the strategy designed for your brand. Our goal is to help position businesses or your team to tell your brand story and build awareness.

Welcome to Gordon Branding Group, where…

Business Strategy Meets Messaging & Design 

Brand Development Includes But Limited To:

Consulting | Brand Development Strategy & Implementation | Corporate and Professional Brand Management | Educate Management and Human Resource Leadership | Assess Organizational Leadership | Implement Key Moves | Brand & Attract | Engage and Retain | Implement Change | Customer Engagement Training | Personalization Marketing Training | Social Media Development | 

What is Marketing?

Marketing is everything a company does to maneuver goods or services from concept to consumer. It shows the customers why they should buy your product or services over your competitors.

Most personal brands and startup businesses eliminate the crucial steps of brand strategy development and hurdle straight to marketing only to back paddle to us realizing missing elements are stunting their growth. This is when our rebranding expertise comes into gameplay. Research, tactics, culture, and solutions become the major components to repositioning our clients brand awareness, sales growth, and customer engagement.

Yes, marketing is a major key but branding strategy is the initial crucial puzzle piece to developing a cohesive brand recognition tactic. Which is why we understand the importance of personalization training for employees talent in 2019.

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Thanks so much for helping me with my Brand I can NOT wait to complete all my milestones and travel!

I am so excited to have the pleasure of working with you . You have stirred me in the best ways these passed few weeks I am looking forward to working with you throughout my career. I have faith you will lead me to reach my highest expectations. Thanks so much for helping me with

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