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Running your Brand vs. Running a Business

There’s a huge difference between a brand and business, BUT you can definitely intertwine them for YOUR benefit. However, we must understand the difference between them both.

What is a brand?

A brand is your product or something physical. Branding is what all that product is made out of. Ex: The color, font, logo, website…etc. Your Brand is the baby that you don’t want anyone to babysit without checking them out first. That’s probably cliche, but it’s a great way to describe it. Your brand REPRESENTS YOU, regardless if you’re selling a new product or promoting yourself!

To understand your brand, you have to figure out your mission. What was your reason for creating it? Why do you want to show it off to the world?

A business defines your brand

After you figure out why you created your brand, you have to look at how you’re going to BENEFIT from it! How is this brand going to make you MONEY? Who is your audience? How would you benefit from buying or seeing (if it’s you) the product? In short: How is your brand going to make you money? A business is not a business without revenue growth. So are you running a “hobby” or a business?

Mix Business with Pleasure

I’m sure you did not think of your awesome idea that transformed into your brand to hate it… you LOVE it! Let the pleasure of making it yours motivate you while it becomes your business. It’s ok to get a team together, they can help with the things you’re not strong at, BUT REMEMBER, if this is YOURS you have to put in the time in to make it everything you imagined it to be.

Make it last forever

If you truly love what you’ve created (your brand) then you must learn how you’re going to manage everything (your business). Once you learn how to manage both, it will be sure to last a lifetime! Your business and brand you have created could potentially REPLACE your current job. YEP! I said that correctly. There’s nothing wrong with creating your DREAM CAREER; you just have to also understand how to maintain it. With the new year right around the corner, this is the perfect time to get out there and try what you’ve been dreaming about forever. The world’s waiting for it!

Thanks for reading – RA